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How To Build A Real Estate Website

Wondering how to make a website for real estate businesses? Here is how.


Benefits of creating a website for real estate agents

First, let’s try and persuade you that a powerful website is your meal ticket.

If you asked us what benefits it brings to you, we’d name these:

  • Wider clients base. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 50% of home buyers purchased their homes online.
  • Higher business value. Alongside with displaying property listings, your platform can educate and deliver additional value.
  • More powerful personal brand. Your real estate website is your face: it’s to share your business philosophy, introduce yourself to the crowd, and show off your expertise.
  • 24/7 availability. There are no time zones and geographical boundaries on the Internet. Clients can leave messages whenever they want without hesitation.
  • Digital marketing opportunities. From email marketing to social nets – you can try each method or all together.
  • Better vibes and sales. Cutting-edge technologies let buyers look around a property without leaving their homes. Beautiful photography creates mood and provokes a desire to buy.


Core features to build a website for real estate 

  • Property listings – In order to allow clients to check available offers once they visit your site, you can embed listing on your homepage layout, information about closed deals, a section with featured offers and some features enabling users to save properties they like as favourites.
  • Visuals – Eye-catching photography is what creates the overall atmosphere and encourages prospects to buy. So, include professional high-res photos of properties for sale and lease. What’s more, you can opt for video content and add it to the main block of your Homepage.
  • Registration – It is important to include a registration feature, as it can greatly influence prospects’ buying decisions.
  •  CTAs and lead capture forms – Another trick in our list of “How to build a real estate website” is catching CTAs and enticing subscription forms. The first element should be easy to find and clear to understand. When designing the Home page and internal pages remember that there should be no more than two call-to-actions on each page. All the links and buttons should be clickable and lead to proper pages. As for lead forms, make them as short as possible and add a promise encouraging users to fill them in. It can be a free e-book, quote or newsletter in exchange for user emails.
  • Contact Us and follow us sections – No matter what you choose – a separate Contact Us page or a live chat with instant support – a user should be able to find a way to reach you easily. Include the Contact Us page to the menu in your nav bar or use a sticky pop-up with a live chat. You can walk the extra mile and show your office location on the map together with addresses. All these tiny things show that you care.
  • Live search – You just can’t do without a live search if you have hundreds of offers, and we hope that you do. So, how to build a real estate website for a company with a live search? You can develop a live search with predictable results or add advanced functionality (filters). Usually, variables include a price range, property type, keywords, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.
  • Blog – We believe that integrating a blog must be in your to-do list when you’re building a real estate website for agents. If you’re definite that your core audience is waiting when you start sharing content, then you do need a blog section. Or, for instance, you’re going to attract new prospects with the help of content marketing. Keep in mind that online readers really like when they can discuss something, so add a comments section below each post.
  • Fat footer – A fat footer is a designer’s solution to create a functional space at the bottom of the Home page where users can find the about us info, navigation, signups, social links, and other useful elements. Fat footers are just great because they let users see where they are and where they should go to find what they’re looking for.
  • Simple menu – Simplicity is key. All you need is to add several elements: Home, Lettings, Valuation, About us, Blog, Contact, and – voila – you’re done!
  • Testimonials – Gone are those days when businesses relied on word of mouth; today you should generate trust with other techniques. Clients’ reviews and testimonials are perfect examples of how easily you can tell the crowd that you’re doing a great job. There are several solutions for integrating a module with customers’ feedback into your page:
    • create a slider or carousel with several reviews from your regulars;
    • combine testimonials with other blocks, e.g. contact us, counters or features;
    • create a separate page where you’ll present detailed reviews.
  • AR/VR – The last but not the least, if you opt for AR/VR elements when elevating your real estate website, we’ll bet all our money on your success. Being a cutting-edge trend, virtual reality has interfered in almost every online business niche.  If e-stores are making crazy money on virtual changing rooms, why can’t you do the same? Just imagine tenants or buyers getting life-like experience when wandering around properties you offer on your site.



Undoubtedly, to appear in the list of top real estate agents, you should know the market well, be communicative, and … have a good website. The features we discussed in this article are essential but it doesn’t mean that your platform must provide users with personal accounts or have 3d tours. It’s up to you to decide what functional requirements your platform will have and our job is to translate them into action.



We helped a number of real estate companies create excellent platforms for growth and expansion. Share your requirements and we’d be glad to advise on next steps.

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