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COVID -19: Crisis Management Using Social Media

Crises of all kinds could hit your brand at any moment. Planning for the worst and being able to adapt quickly no matter what you’re facing, has become critical—and social media plays a major role in your crisis management efforts. In fact, companies that respond well to a brand crisis are bound to see an increase in value on average; those that respond poorly are certain to see a decrease.

In the past, communications leaders worried about standard scenarios—those affecting your brand’s reputation, operations, leadership or employees. But as we’ve all learned lately, there’s no established template for social media crisis management when the crisis is a global pandemic like the COVID -19 pandemic.

Social media has become the most known and used aspects of digital marketing. It provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. Those who continues to ignore the use of social media as an incredible marketing opportunity for business growth, particularly in times like this when ‘isolation’ is the order of the day, do so at their own peril.


Crisis Management Using Social Media


Here is a quick guide that will give you actionable best practices to:

  • Develop a business continuity plan that will empower your team, foster connection with your audience and help your brand weather the current storm and indeed any storm.
  • Develop a social media communications plan for the current coronavirus pandemic
  • Create content that directly speaks to your customers’ needs during a crisis
  • Prepare an evergreen crisis communications plan so you’re ready when needed
  • Set up your social media operations to see your team through a crisis scenario
  • Use social media to make actionable recommendations on business next steps
  • And more!

Crisis management is no easy task but as a social media professional, you already have the empathy, communication skills and adaptability that are crucial during a crisis.